With our VPN service, you can create and maintain more simple and straightforward networks. Whether you opt for our Site-to-Site VPN or our Client-Server VPN, work with us to create exactly what you're looking for to safely connect your business.

VPN Pricing Options


Site-to-Site VPN

FREE w/ Firewall
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Client VPN*

Priced Per User
  • 5 users: $10/mo
  • 10 users: $20/mo
  • 20 users: $30/mo
  • unlimited users: $50/mo
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*Note: only traffic within the DotBlock network would route through this VPN


VPN Features

for your benefit

Improve Security

A VPN can help maintain security standards over a network. With your VPN, all traffic between remote users and the private network is encrypted. This enables secure remote access for employees and clients within the network.

Simple Networking Solution

With our VPN service, you can create and maintain more simple and straightforward networks. The easy-to-use framework allows you to setup and configure a tunnel using only a single command, without requiring any configuration files.

Geographic Connectivity

Especially for businesses, a great benefit of utilizing a VPN is that the network can be accessed remotely from home or from any outside locations. For this reason, a VPN can create a virtual link between geographically distant offices and increase productivity within a company.

Secure Infrastructure

DotBlock's VPN service utilizes a robust security model designed to safeguard against both active and passive attacks. It also provides options for controlling security parameters of the VPN tunnel and server itself, to ensure that key data is transmitted safely.

Low Cost

DotBlock's low-cost VPN solution targets a wide range of customers – from small to mid sized businesses to large global enterprises. With our VPN options, you can get the performance and security you require, and avoid unnecessary expenses.


Portability refers to the network environments from which the VPN client can connect. It's principal strengths include cross-platform transferability across most of the known computing universe, first-rate stability, and scalability for hundreds or thousands of clients.