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In the highly competitive gaming system industry, you need a hosting solution that can provide both the high performance and low latency requirements. With DotBlock's gaming systems, it is easy to quickly scale up resources as your needs grow. Provide your players with the best gaming experience possible.

In the gaming industry, downtime or sluggish performance can signify “game over”. High expectations need to be set on your stability and speed regulations. We are an experienced hosting provider that can deliver the high performance and low latency needed to help you meet the daily challenges and requirements your business faces. With our diverse network and and state of the art data centers around the globe, you can count on DotBlock to provide you with the foundation for the best hosting environment for your system.

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Features You'll Love

Healthy Revenues

Long waiting and loading times frustrate players and can ultimately drive them away from your services. Our high performance hardware gives you the power and flexibility that your system needs to deliver smooth and seamless play.

Low Latency

Our lightning fast, premium network ensures low latency to your users no matter where they are located around the globe. With fully redundant architecture, you can count on us to deliver the flexibility and accessibility you need.

Continuous Scalability

The need to continuously upgrade technology to meet ever-changing demands means that your financials can quickly be exhausted. Our scalable systems allow you for easily deployment of new servers, saving you money by only paying for the resources you use.


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