Ad Serving Systems

With the rise in online advertising, you want to make the biggest impact on end users. How can you do this in a way that doesn't slow down the websites on which the ads are running? The answer is to set up an ad-serving system to help with campaign/ad management and ad trafficking.

How do you deliver captivating rich media ads without slowing down the websites they're advertised on? And how do you do this without breaking the bank with rising bandwidth costs? Our global VPS hosting solutions reduce costs, increase efficiency, and ensure that you always have the latest technology. DotBlock also factors bandwidth usage into the overall server cost, so you won't need to worry about soaring usage charges when you purchase a 4-Block or above. With our diverse global network, we have ample capacity to efficiently transport your content to a broad audience.

Ad-Serving System Graphic

Features You'll Love

Affordable Bandwidth

Bandwidth charges can be a large factor in the steep cost of your Ad-Serving system. Most ISPs will include a base amount of throughput before charging extra fees. DotBlock understands the needs of our clients and can provide the bandwidth you require, at a very competitive rate.

High Impact

Demand attention when your readers are most engaged. With high-impact ads, you can deliver video and rich media across sites without exhausting their resources. You’ll benefit from DotBlock's optimal reliability and performance without compromise.

Global Campaigning

When you launch a global campaign, you need it to work from Arizona to Amsterdam. With DotBlock's trusted tier-1 backbone network, we have ample capacity to transport your high impact, rich-media content without disruption.


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