Reseller Hosting Systems

For only $14.95/month, adding a cPanel/WHM license to your cloud VPS server transforms it into an easy to use platform to resell hosting off of. With no limit on the number of servers, and the reliability and expandability of our cloud hosting platform, the sky is the limit!

We’ve been in the hosting industry for 18+ years already and have everything you need to help you succeed as a reseller. We believe anyone can start-up and manage their own web hosting service, with little computer skills or overhead cost involved. With DotBlock's Reseller Systems, you can offer pre-defined plans or create your own packages to more accurately meet your customers' specific demands. With the Branding Editor, you can resell our services under your own brand customizing everything from nameservers and payment systems to visual appearance.

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Features You'll Love

Rebranding Solutions

Create your own nameservers, replace the cPanel logo with your own, or completely customize the appearance using the Branding Editor. You can also integrate your own payment system.

cPanel & WHM

cPanel, a website control panel interface, is designed for website owners. WebHost Manager (WHM), a server control panel interface, is designed for server administrators and web hosts.

Manage Customer Accounts

Create and modify new customer accounts and control which features are available to your customers. Create and apply hosting plans or packages. Email all your customers on the server.


We offer several options within our partner program, that can be customized to support the way you do business with your specific customer base. Get started today! Fill out an application or contact our Partner Team at 866.923.4550.

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