Server Backups

DotBlock offers additional security with our fast, affordable server backup utility powered by R1Soft. This unique software leverages block level technology to shorten backup windows from hours to minutes. Once you've created a full backup, only modified parts of the files will be uploaded to storage. Data can then be backed up as frequently as every 15 minutes with minimal impact to production systems.

Pricing Structure

  • 100GB storage (for 1 to 4 blocks)$10/mo
  • 140GB storage (for 4 to 6 blocks)$15/mo
  • 180GB storage (for 6 to 8 blocks)$20/mo
  • 220GB storage (for 8 to 10 blocks)$25/mo
  • 260GB storage (for 10 to 12 blocks)$30/mo
  • 300GB storage (for 12 to 14 blocks)$35/mo
  • 340GB storage (for 14 to 16 blocks)$40/mo
  • 380GB storage (for 16 to 18 blocks)$45/mo
  • 420GB storage (for 18 to 20 blocks)$50/mo
  • 460GB storage (for 20 to 22 blocks)$55/mo
  • 500GB storage (for 22 to 24 blocks)$60/mo
  • 540GB storage (for 24 to 26 blocks)$65/mo
  • 580GB storage (for 26 to 28 blocks)$70/mo
  • 620GB storage (for 28 to 30 blocks)$75/mo

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Backup Features

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Multi-Platform Support

R1Soft's backup software supports servers running variations of both Windows and Linux operating systems, as well as several popular virtualization platforms and SQL software. This offers DotBlock customers a broad range of backup options for your servers.

Continuous Data Protection

Perform backups as often as every 15 minutes for continuous protection of your important data. With block-level technology, your backup sidesteps the file system and reads modified data directly from the disk speeding up overall time and performance.

Quick Restore

Be confident in the reliability of your backups to recover large file systems or single files quickly with Bare-Metal Restore and Granular File Restore. Consider this a crucial step in your disaster recovery plan. You can restore even while a backup job is running!

Control Panel Interface

Backup software has a control panel interface that can be integrated with cPanel, Plesk, and other Linux Control Panels. From the control panel, you can authorize specific user permissions and enable self-service backup and restore.

Self-Service MySQL

Just as a user can initialize backup and restore of a filesystem from the cPanel interface, you can now restore a MySQL database as a self-service as well. No need anymore, to wait for your provider to respond to your request and execute the database restoration.


After the initial full backup is created, the software uses a database to map versions and recovery points. This database is called a Disk Safe. AES-256 Encryption can be enabled at the time of Disk Safe creation to help protect data on the server and the network.


Protect your crucial data with our backup and disaster recovery solutions. Contact us using the links below or call our Support Team at 866.923.4550.

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