Private IPs

Our Private IP solutions are beneficial to both network admins and clients alike. They are key factors in providing additional security to your network infrastructure. With the ever-growing need for scalability, Private IP addresses also provide a simple design that grow with your business.

You can use DotBlock's Private IP service to create a private network for convenience and security. Private networks are a series of computers linked to each other through a secure internal connection. Each computer in the network occupies a private IP address, meaning that no computer outside the network can find that address or communicate with that computer. With private IP addresses comes the flexibility to connect to computers in multiple locations within your network, and allow access from around the globe.

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Features You'll Love

Secure your network.

Network security is crucial to any business – especially those that handle sensitive content. The clear advantage to operating under a private network, is that the IP's are hidden from public access, therefore contributing to guard your network from malicious threats.

Flexible IP Routing.

With flexible IP routing, you can associate the IP address to an active instance. This is a valuable feature in case of failure. The IP can quickly be detached from the failed instance and re-associated with a new one, guiding traffic along the most suitable routes.


Since a private network is closed off to external networks, the solution to any technical issues is an internal concern. Private IP networks depend solely on the internal equipment to function. The need to wait for an internet service provider or server tech is eliminated.


With private IP addresses comes flexibility. Configure and design your local network to directly meet your personal or business needs. You can connect multiple locations within your network and allow access from all over the world.


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