SaaS Systems

Our team is experienced in providing private cloud solutions for SaaS providers looking to provide reliable, repeatable, and scalable solutions for their end users, ensuring a repeatable quality product for your users.

Your software application could be superb - but if it isn't promptly accessible for your customers, that won't matter at all. Every minute of downtime for your website or application equals lost revenue and a decrease in customer satisfaction. With reliable hosting solutions ranging from dedicated servers to fully customized private cloud solutions, DotBlock offers you the flexibility to quickly scale your infrastructure to meet the growing demands of your business. Our 18 years of experience provide you with the expertise to give you the foundation for the best hosting environment for your service.

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Features You'll Love

Top Tier Network

Our redundant, reliable, multi-homed network provides you with direct access across North America & Europe, with excellent connectivity to Asia and across the globe.

Enterprise Grade Hardware

High quality, industry leading hardware solutions featuring brands such as SuperMicro, Juniper, Cisco, & Intel ensure your solution is depending upon proven hardware solutions.

Global Presence

Data center locations across North America & Europe ensure your ability to scale and diversify your technology solutions to provide a high quality solution for users worldwide.

Always-On Support

Your always on technology solution requires always on support to ensure quality service to your users around the clock.  Our team of experienced administrators is on-site 24/7/365.

Flexible Solutions

From development stage testing environments straight through full scale production environments, enjoy a worry free environment with our high quality network & server infrastructure.

Efficient & Affordable

With a variety of hosting options, you can start on a smaller scale, with a pay-as-you-go test environment. When you’re ready to move forward, we will be ready to help. If the resources on your server are not enough, you can expand on-demand as needed.


We offer several options within our partner program, that can be customized to support the way you do business with your specific customer base. Get started today! Fill out an application or contact our Partner Team at 866.923.4550.

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