SSL Certificates

SSL secures data across the Internet by the minute. Perhaps one of the most underrated simple improvements you can do to your website is to implement an SSL certificate. Both basic and eCommerce websites alike can benefit from this added security measure.

Websites use SSL encryption to protect their customers, ensuring that their personal information remains confidential. Without SSL, online transactions would be susceptible to interception by unauthorized parties. These parties could take that personal information and sell it on the dark web. If hackers are able to intercept messages containing secure data, encryption will render the message illegible. Web browsers will give visual cues, such as a lock icon, trust seal, and/or a green bar to show visitors when their connection is secure and establish trust between your website and it's visitors.

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SSL Certificate Pricing



$50 /1 year
  • Single Secure Domain
  • Domain Validation
  • $10,000 Warranty
  • Valid 1 year
  • 99% Browser Compatibility
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RapidSSL Wildcard

  • Unlimited Secure Subdomains
  • Domain Validation
  • $5,000 Warranty
  • Valid 1-3 years
  • 99% Browser Compatibility
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Features You'll Love

Website Professionalism.

The visible lock icon that displays for a secure website, creates an instant sense of trust between the user and the business. This is especially true for e-commerce websites whose business model is based on utilizing highly sensitive information, such as credit card details.

Encrypts Information.

SSL makes sure that every packet of data exchanged between the user’s browser and an SSL-enabled website is protected by state-of-the-art encryption techniques. In the event of an unwanted party getting a hold of data, the information is rendered unreadable by encryption.

Search-Engine Rankings.

Did you know that simply enabling SSL can give your website a ranking boost on Google Search? While Google still puts more emphasis on other factors, such as content quality, when ranking sites - SSL could still be a great way to compliment your existing SEO efforts.


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