Enterprise Storage

From small businesses to corporations, planning and executing a data storage strategy can be a complicated and, at times, costly process. Over time, specific data can increase or decrease in priority, requiring different levels of security and accessibility. DotBlock understands the importance of your data and provides effective enterprise storage solutions to meet your business needs.

DotBlock understands the importance of not only our clients' business data, but the management and protection of that data. Our system utilizes GlusterFS software and InfiniBand connectivity to offer our enterprise clients storage-as-a-service. We look to provide a straightforward approach for managing backups, while keeping overhead costs at a low. With data volume on the rise, our highly scalable applications can be adapted to respond to fluctuating demands. In addition, versatile accessibility allows you to manage your back-end storage applications quickly and easily from any device. Contact us and deploy an enterprise level storage system today!

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Features You'll Love

Service Monitoring

Seamlessly Adaptable.

With our storage solutions, you will be able to quickly and efficiently adapt applications to respond to unpredictable demands. Optimized technologies will allow you to provision with speed and seamlessly deliver additional storage without disruption.

DDOS Protection

Highly Scalable.

With data volume on the rise, storage implementations require efficient scalability rates. DotBlock provides applications with expandable storage capacity and fault tolerance, designed to maximize performance while meeting your enterprise data requirements.

Priority Phone & Ticket Support

Cost Effective.

Traditional storage solutions are expensive to implement and execute with today's demands. DotBlock's Enterprise Storage provides a single tool to easily and seamlessly manage your entire storage infrastructure, eliminating the need to expand your IT staffing.

Service Monitoring

Fast and Simple.

Deploy an enterprise level storage system in a few minutes. Our storage plans provide a highly scalable, distributed file system for virtual machines. With versatile accessibility, you can manage your back-end storage applications quickly and easily from any device.

Interested in Enterprise Storage?

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