eCommerce Systems

DotBlock's services ensure that both you and your customers are satisfied with your online presence. We let you focus on creating a remarkable online store experience without having to worry about your hardware performance.

DotBlock VPS hosting environment is perfect for setting up your eCommerce system. Since sales and search engine traffic can both be very unpredictable, the scalability of a VPS comes in handy. It is helpful to have the ability to borrow resources when the amount of web site traffic cannot be accurately determined. This is especially valuable if your online store is currently growing and looking to build a client base. Driving traffic to the website that has adaptable resources is much more beneficial than experiencing traffic-induced downtime and losing business.

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Features You'll Love

Customer Satisfaction

Keeping customers happy throughout the entire website experience, from initial load time to the responsiveness of e-commerce transactions is an integral part of a complete and successful online retail implementation.

Seamless Experience

DotBlock's years of experience, redundant high end hardware solutions, & diverse connectivity ensure a smooth customer experience throughout the lifetime of your customers.

Global Connectivity

Redundant, blended connectivity combined with data center locations worldwide makes DotBlock your ideal partner for providing a high quality, worldwide global user experience.


We offer several options within our partner program, that can be customized to support the way you do business with your specific customer base. Get started today! Fill out an application or contact our Partner Team at 866.923.4550.

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