Client Server VPN

With client-server VPN, a user can access servers, printers, and other devices connected within a private network across public network. If you need to communicate with multiple machines within the same private network, this product is a beneficial solution for you.

The security of our sensitive data is critical, whether business or personal. With a client server VPN, you can allow remote users to securely access the network through an encrypted tunnel over the internet. By using the VPN service you have a fixed IP to which service access can be allowed. Remote machines get an address through which they can enter the private address space. After enabling remote client-server VPN access, a default network rule is created to establish a relationship between the internal network and the client. With our VPN options, you can create simpler, less error prone and more secure VPNs for clients to access.

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Features You'll Love

A low-cost solution.

DotBlock's low-cost VPN solution targets a wide range of customers – from small to mid sized businesses to large global enterprises. With our VPN options, you can get the performance and security you require, and avoid unnecessary expenses.

Remote Access.

Current office trends are looking at remote access as an essential asset, as it helps employees carry on with their work in a secure manner, from anywhere in the world. Doing so will increase a company's productivity in an efficient way.


Portability refers to the network environments from which the VPN client can connect. It's principal strengths include cross-platform transferability across most of the known computing universe, first-rate stability, and scalability for hundreds or thousands of clients.

Simple configuration.

With our VPN service, you can create and maintain more simple and straightforward networks. The easy-to-use Command Line Interface (CLI) and web UI allows for simplified server management, configuration, certificate management, and client configuration distribution.


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