Hardware Firewall

A firewall is your first line of defense against attacks and other unwanted traffic. It is designed to be a filter between malicious or unauthorized visitors and your network. DotBlock's hardware firewall provides a crucial layer of security that can be a strategic step in protecting your server and your data.

Hardware Firewall Pricing


starting at $499/mo.
  • Direct Access to Firewall
  • Covers Multiple Servers
  • Management Available
    + $100/mo.
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High-Availability Dedicated

starting at $899/mo.
  • Redundant
  • Covers Multiple Servers
  • Management Available
    + $100/mo.
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Hardware Firewall Features

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Unified Threat Management

While technology and malicious threats are rapidly evolving, your applications and services require safer, always-available connectivity. Our firewall's UTM can provide advanced protection and data-loss prevention easily managed through a single console.

Content Filtering

Block inappropriate, illegal, and/or distracting content from your network with content filtering to avoid distracted employees and the possible risk of network intrusion. Managed through a simple interface, you can control what information or media is viewable.


Your corporate email can become a vulnerable gateway as spam and malicious email attacks are becoming more sophisticated. Our firewall can help safeguard your network from external and internal threats by using comprehensive checks to identify spam.


To increase security and maximize internet safety, a firewall should be used along with an antivirus program. A firewall will make the computer’s port virtually invisible to foreign traffic across the web. Antivirus will parallel this and scan the network for threats.

Intrusion Detection & Prevention

Today’s business networks are becoming increasingly susceptible to attacks that allow sensitive information to be leaked or destroyed. You can turn to your intrusion detection and prevention system as a fundamental defense against the latest threats.

Web Filtering

Web filtering is the first line of defense against website-based attacks caused by malware or spyware. Just as you can block the users in your network from viewing certain content, you can also block access to malicious or hacked websites through your firewall.

Application Firewall

An application firewall is an enhanced firewall that controls execution of files and/or data handling of specific applications. It provides web servers with protection from malicious traffic and blocks attempts to compromise the system.

Security Zone Management

A zone is a collection of network nodes sharing identical security requirements. Security zones are used to identify traffic flow direction in security policies to control traffic. You can configure multiple security zones to protect one area of the network from the other.

High Availability

High availability is a configuration in which two firewalls are placed in a cluster and synchronized to prevent a single point to failure on your network. This connection, shared only by the cluster nodes, provides redundancy in the event that a node goes offline.