Windows Virtual Server Hosting

Windows virtual server hosting is preferred by many business owners and IT professionals to handle mission-critical applications, database manipulation and data storage. Disaster recovery is also another useful reason to employ Windows virtual server hosting. Redundant power sources, servers and data help to restore businesses back to an original state in a matter of seconds or minutes after a disaster. This is essential to businesses that lose revenue if their virtual server hosting is down.

Many business owners are comfortable with Windows-based virtual server hosting. Companies with numerous Windows-based applications will find this virtual server hosting compatible with pre-existing applications. This makes migration to Windows virtual server hosting easier.

What should I expect from windows virtual server hosting?

Automatic Failover. Automatic failover is present with most Windows virtual server hosting plans. This feature activates when a system fails. The cloud server will automatically migrate to another node without intervention from IT professionals. Full-time IT professionals are not required because the hosting company's IT professionals will be on call 24 hours per day and seven day per week.

Scalable. Windows-based solutions are easily scalable. Businesses can scale to meet an increase in Web traffic. When the traffic decreases, companies can scale down. With each scaling event, companies will only be required to pay for the resources used.

Easy to Deploy. Windows virtual server hosting is easy to deploy. Within minutes, companies can have the RAM, CPU and disk space required. The plans are customizable according to what a company needs.

Business Owners Maintain Control. Business owners can maintain control with remote desktop access. Business owners can configure web servers to meet the company's exact needs. Full administrator access gives business owners maximum flexibility.

Reliability. Windows virtual server hosting is reliable. When one node fails, automatic failover activates to ensure the network is up 99.9 percent of the time or 100 percent of the time.

Redundancy. Redundant SANs are responsible for data recall with Windows virtual server hosting. Redundancy is necessary for companies to protect data and store it when a node failure occurs. Many companies use redundancy in disaster recovery situations. If a hurricane occurs or other catastrophe, a Windows virtual server hosting company will immediately restore data within minutes.

More Time. Business owners can focus on growing their business and improving products and services. A Windows virtual server hosting company can monitor servers and create patches to resolve security problems. When the security problems are resolved, business owners can resume operations as if nothing occurred. This leaves more time for IT professionals and business owners to focus on other tasks.

Free Setup and 30-day Trial. Most Windows virtual server hosting companies provide a free setup and 30-day trial. This allows companies time to decide if the hosting service will be beneficial.

What technical specifications should I be reviewing before purchase?
  • .NET Framework 3.5.
  • Full Trust ASP .NET Environment.
  • Multiple MS SQL Databases.
  • PHP Capabilities.

Each of these characteristics requires some evaluation before purchasing a hosting service. If hosting services meet these basic technical requirements, most companies will appear professional online. Consider Windows virtual server hosting for websites, databases, storage, applications and disaster recovery.