Windows Virtual Private Server Hosting

If you are using a server hosting service, you may be spending more than you should. Like many companies, you may have periods of high usage intermixed with long periods of less heavy demand. When you pay the premium for a dedicated server, you are paying for server time that you may not be using. If this is true, you should consider a virtual private server. Windows virtual servers are software-driven emulations of separate servers co-existing on a single physical machine.

A virtual server gives you the capabilities of a dedicated server for much less cost. You get a guaranteed level of hardware resource usage without paying for a dedicated physical server. You will have the same control and capabilities as if the server were a physically distinct one. You have complete administrative control of the operating system. Software can be added and modified as needed for any business or personal applications. Whether you use your server to host websites or as part of an enterprise network, Windows virtual private servers will meet your needs.

What are the Benefits of Windows Virtual Private Servers?

There are many benefits to using a Windows server over other operating systems. Windows servers are stable, scalable and fast. Network expansion is made easy. Windows supports more software platforms and hardware devices other servers. Network load balancing and server cluster technology let you add servers as your network needs grow. Windows servers offer fast performance. Dynamic response to network slowdowns means your data moves quicker and your people can work faster. You will also have a lower total cost of ownership with a Windows VPS. A virtual server is less expensive than a dedicated server. In addition, you won't have the training costs and learning curve that you may experience when implementing Linux servers. Most technicians and administrators have been trained on Windows.

Why Should I Use Windows Virtual Private Servers?

Windows servers offer proven networking capabilities and software platforms backed by Microsoft support. ASP technology, Visual Interdev, Access and Microsoft SQL let you build powerful, database-driven websites. Active Directory and Group Policy allow easy, secure management of computer and user accounts from one central location. You can keep your vital data safe and secure with Windows servers. Windows makes it simple to implement RAID and data backup and recovery. Virtual private servers running Windows give you cost-effective, powerful solutions for your networking and website hosting needs.