Windows Virtual Dedicated Server Hosting

Windows virtual dedicated server hosting is a hosting service configuration that gives the customer a standalone server for their exclusive use. The server uses the Microsoft Windows operating system to control the primary functions and operation of the server. While the Windows-based virtual server may not be as robust as the Linux-based server, Windows still offers a wealth of features that can meet the strongest demands of any customer. The dedicated hosting differs from a shared hosting setup that only provides the customer with shared space on a server. With the dedicated server, the client has greater flexibility on how the server will be configured. The client using the dedicated server can reap great performance benefits since they will not be limited to impacts of sharing space with other users. The dedicated virtual Windows server offers solid performance and fast speeds that can meet the needs of most corporate customers.

Greater flexibility, expandability and security are the main reasons that Windows virtual dedicated server hosting is a great deal for business users. Since the hosting is provided on a server dedicated to the individual client, administrative control can be handled by the client if they desire. This gives them the opportunity to install applications, provide control panels for their customers, allocate the resources and provide security and privacy controls. These features are offered and handled by the service provider if desired. Cost saving can be derived by using Windows virtual dedicated server hosting since it can eliminate the need of the customer to have IT support at their business or having to invest in the infrastructure to meet their networking needs. Security issues and risks are minimized by having exclusive access to the standalone server. Oftentimes when a shared server is used, risks to security and privacy may occur from problems threats to other customers using the same physical server.

What are the benefits of Windows Virtual Dedicated Server Hosting?

Using Windows virtual dedicated server hosting offers a number of great benefits to clients needing server hosting for their business or website. By having administrative control to install applications, handle the security, allocate server resources and resell space to their customers, the virtual dedicated server can deliver performance and cost savings to the client. Many of the features that are required by most business customers can be customized by the provider to fit their needs. Another great feature is the round-the-clock technical support that is provided by most hosting services. This support frees the client from having to have a dedicated staff to handle the technical support needs. The Windows virtual dedicated hosting provider can install security updates, maintain the latest cutting edge hardware and handle other things that eliminate the need for a business to have to maintain a large IT staff. As the company grows, the virtual nature of the hosting service provides the means for them to address the expanded requirements of their customers.

Why use Windows Virtual Dedicated Server Hosting?

Windows virtual dedicated server hosting should be used to get the maximum benefit from virtual server hosting. As indicated earlier, most benefits stem from having the exclusive use of a dedicated server. This arrangement eliminates most of the performance issues that are inherent in a shared server configuration. The client has greater flexibility and administrative control over the service provided by the hosting service. They customer also has the technical support and the ability to use the virtual expansion capabilities that are offered by the service provider. The service provider can also provide security updates that reduce security risks and impacts to the data stored on their servers. A good service provider will also be able to provide the latest state-of-the-art technology. Many clients may not have the IT budget that allows them to update their infrastructure as new products come on the market. Access to additional storage space, applications, hardware and other tools are other reasons why dedicated server hosting is an ideal arrangement for most business users.