Windows Virtual Dedicated Server

For web sites that receive a large amount of traffic on a daily basis, it's often necessary to set up a dedicated server. A dedicated server is a computer that has a web server, software, and internet connection devoted solely to one web site. It is maintained by the web hosting company but the use of a dedicated server cuts down on costs associated with network security and administration, router costs, and connectivity costs. A virtual dedicated server appears to the user like a dedicated server, but actually serves several web sites. The one computer that hosts several virtual dedicated servers may run several operating systems (OS), one for each server.

A Windows virtual dedicated server thus operates using the Windows OS. Each Windows virtual dedicated server will usually consist of a web server and the associated software, a file transfer protocol program, a mail server, as well as a number of other possible applications. A virtual dedicated server is often a feasible choice for small business or businesses that are just starting up, which may be in need of a dedicated server but can't afford that step yet. Of course the ideal for any company is to eventually move up to a dedicated server, as there are some shortcomings to using a Windows virtual dedicated server. One is that a virtual server does have less capability than a dedicated server. Also, since you are sharing a computer with other web sites, they can drain your CPU or RAM power if they are very resource hungry.

Is a Windows virtual dedicated server right for me?

The answer is yes if you have a web site that is large enough to demand its own server, but either not large or profitable enough to deserve a dedicated server. Virtual dedicated servers are reasonably cheap, often only just a bit more than a typical web hosting plan. They can be set up very quickly and still possess quite a bit of power. They are very secure, and since you always have more resources at your disposal (you're only using part of your main server) you can easily upgrade. If you have a web site with millions of hits per day and need a good deal of resources (as well as if you have the financial capabilities) a dedicated server may be the better option.

How do I set up a Windows virtual dedicated server?

Almost any web hosting company will be able to help you with this. Virtual dedicated servers can be set up relatively quickly, and many major web hosting companies offer 24-hour support to get you started and keep you going. In many cases you will get technical support with a Windows virtual server that is equivalent to what you'd get with a dedicated server, and a good company will make setting it up easy for you.