Windows Hosting Packages

Choosing among the multiple Windows hosting packages available from VPS providers can be a challenge. With some pre-planning and a thorough evaluation of hosting needs, businesses can be confident in their choice of a hosting plan and vendor. The first decision a firm should make is if they want Linux or Windows hosting. If you are already on a Linux host, it may be simpler to stay with Linux as your VPS operating system. However, if you run ASP or other Windows-based software packages, Windows hosting may suit your firm better. Windows VPS systems are usually based on Windows 2003 or Windows 2008 operating systems. Windows VPS is stable, fast and secure. Programmers can easily build dynamic sites using the .NET web application framework.

Windows hosting is also a good choice for companies that use databases such as Microsoft Access and Microsoft SQL Server, or develop websites using Microsoft Expression Web or Sharepoint Designer. Support and ease of maintenance are just as important as speed and application development. Most Windows hosting packages offer strong support options. Windows operating systems generally run more processes and services even when they are sitting idle. As a result, operating system problems can be tricky to diagnose and resolve.

Is RAM or processor speed more important when evaluating Windows hosting packages?

It's vital to have sufficient amounts of RAM and processing power. The goal is to find the right blend at a competitive price point. Windows operating systems use RAM for many of the important services that keep it running smoothly. Sufficient processing speed is important so clients and prospects are not waiting with frustration for pages to load. Experienced IT managers know that it is better to have too much RAM and processing power than not enough. Websites grow rapidly, new applications are purchased and the user base expands. Extra RAM ensures that a website will continue to operate smoothly.

What support is available with Windows hosting packages?

Reliable support is critical for Windows-based operating systems. Investigate the expertise of potential hosting providers and get answers to all questions. Basic support usually involves providing answers to simple operating questions, password changes, reboots, and RAM and disk space allocation issues. Many of these areas are addressed with an online knowledge base or customer FAQ section. Increased support that involves contact with support staff may include troubleshooting software and database problems, helping to set up IIS configurations, hardening security profiles, and other advanced topics. Many customers prefer to have a combination of lots of online documentation backed up by talented support team members as the need arises. Review support options on all Windows hosting packagesbefore moving forward.