VPS Hosting Windows

Windows virtual private server (VPS) hosting is the practice of dividing a single physical server into small servers through a process known as virtualization. Each smaller server space is characterized by designated memory space and resources. Each server can act as its own independent entity. Companies can customize their server to meet specific needs. VPS hosting Windows is affordable, scalable, customizable and recommended to companies with limited budgets.

Most VPS hosting Windows plans provide each company with a dedicated IP address, remote rebooting privileges and root access to the server. These components are essential to the efficient operation of VPS hosting Windows. Before committing to a hosting company, determine whether the hosting company meets the basic criteria and how the services can help businesses operate more efficiently.

What are some common VPS hosting Windows features?

Dedicated IP Address. Dedicated IP addresses are necessary for businesses who operate ecommerce businesses or businesses with mission-critical applications on the Internet. With dedicated IP addresses, hosting companies can guarantee a company's website will not be shut down because of another's company's unscrupulous business practices. VPS hosting companies cannot guarantee there will be no interruptions with a shared solution.

For example, a company, desperate for website traffic, may employ black hat techniques to generate traffic fast, but unethically. A major search engine may discover the unscrupulous activity and block the IP address until the problem is alleviated. If a company is sharing server space, the IP address is also being shared.

When the IP address is blocked, it affects everyone on the shared server. eCommerce companies cannot afford this risk. These companies may lose millions in revenue during an interruption. VPS hosting is a better solution. Many hosting companies can guarantee 100 percent up-time with private hosting solutions.

Remote Rebooting Privileges. Companies have remote rebooting privileges with many Windows-based VPS hosting services. This is made possible through web-based applications. Authorized IT professionals or administrators can use any device with a web browser and the Internet to remotely reboot the system and perform diagnostic tests. This saves companies money if administrators can resolve problems without physically being on site.

Root Access to the Server. Companies have maximum control of servers with VPS solutions. Hosting companies provide root access to servers. Every company desires this level of control to customize solutions to cater to specific needs of the business. With root access, administrators can install any application on servers at anytime. Before investing in a VPS hosting Windows solution, ensure root access to the server will be provided.

What are some benefits of VPS hosting Windows?

Number of Available Applications. Windows applications are more commonly used and are readily available. Many companies have already invested thousands into Windows-based applications and are familiar with the way Windows operates. VPS hosting Windows allows companies to remain loyal to the brand without re-training IT professionals on a new platform.

Affordable Solutions. VPS hosting Windows is affordable compared to purchasing in-house servers and paying for full-time salaries for IT professionals. Instead, companies have access to state-of-the-art servers for a fraction of the cost of purchasing and maintaining new servers.

The servers are automatically scaled as needed if unexpected spikes occur. Companies no longer have to pay for infrequently used server space. This is a significant savings for companies. Many companies reduce IT budgets by thousands by using a simple VPS hosting Windows system instead of devising an in-house solution. VPS hosting is a preferred method.

More User-Friendly. Windows virtual private servers are more user-friendly because of the intuitive graphical user interface (GUI). Text commands are not necessary with Windows-based solutions. This is easier than solutions which depend on these types of commands. Windows-based servers also use less electricity than other solutions. Sometimes these servers use up to 35 percent less than other physical server solutions.

Fast Data Transfer. Many VPS hosting Windows systems use RAID 10 architecture to achieve fast data transfer speeds. This is desirable by most businesses. To ensure fast data transfer, many hosting providers set up the servers in a cluster design. To guarantee maximum up-time, a secondary server is implemented automatically if the primary server fails.