Virtual Private Server Hosting Windows

Do you need a Windows virtual private hosting server? If you need to have one or more Windows servers running to support your business, you could certainly benefit from having a virtual private server hosting Windows. Using a virtual private server (VPS) reduces your up front hardware costs and software licensing costs, replacing them with a flexible monthly cost. Since you can create or retire virtual private servers whenever you like, you pay for what you're using, instead of what you had to buy up front in anticipation of what you might be using eighteen months from now.

If you have a lot of Windows servers now, they might be running older versions of the Windows Server Operating System. To upgrade them, you are facing thousands of dollars in licensing charges. You may not even be sure if your software will run on Windows Server 2008 R2, the latest edition of Microsoft's server operating system. With a virtual private server, you can have Windows Server 2008 R2 provisioned and use it to test your existing software. And you can conduct this testing at a minimal cost.

Once you've established that your existing software will run on your chosen version of Windows Server, you can install it on a virtual private server. The VPS will only incur your subscription costs instead of the large up front hardware and licensing costs necessary to set up your own server. The virtual servers are provisioned from an existing image that was built with best practices for security and maintainability in mind. This means that every virtual server is identical and secure.

What about virtual private server hosting maintenance and security?

With a virtual private server, you don't have to worry about patching -- the hosting provider can provide patching services so that your server is always patched to date. The virtual server will reside in a data center, instead of your network. This reduces the exposure of the corporate network to outside intruders, viruses, or worms. Both the server and the data center are protected by firewalls and physical security to isolate the server from other servers in the data center and from outside threats.

What can I use virtual private server hosting for?

A virtual private server hosting Windows can be used for any purpose you might need a Windows server for. Anything from network services, email, or collaboration services to developer test beds and custom code can be provisioned on a virtual private server. One or more servers can run independent services in isolation, or they can be connected to your corporate network with a virtual private network (VPN) connection.