Virtual Private Server Windows

A Windows Virtual Private Server (VPS) is a virtualize server that runs the popular Microsoft-based server management operating system (OS) called Windows Server. There are several different versions of Windows Server. Some versions of the operating system require the use of more processing power or computing resources than others. When deciding whether to use a Windows or Linux based virtual private server, there is much debate. The bottom line is that Windows Server is designed to be used with Microsoft-based servers. The most current versions of Windows server use the largest amount of resources within the Windows Server environment. This means that Windows based VPSs use a great deal of system memory.

There are plenty of misconceptions associated with Windows-based VPS. One of the major misconceptions is that the Windows-based VPS hosting is easier to use than other VPSs like, Linux. The truth is this is completely irrelevant when choosing a VPS. The biggest thing to consider is the dashboard, and its capabilities in managing server technology. This is generally considered to be the control panel that controls all the behind the scenes processes related to VPS management. The second big misconception has to do with security. The misconception is that Linux is safer to use than Windows. The reality is that your website is more vulnerable to data you upload to your virtual private server. This is why the majority of hosting providers require that all uploaded content is first approved by server administrators.

Can Windows virtual private servers use Linux applications?

No. This is primarily because Microsoft based server technology is closed, which means that it can only run applications, databases operating systems and languages that are Microsoft specific. Because Microsoft servers are closed systems, there is usually increased support that may or may not be available through Linux-based hosting providers.

How expensive are Windows virtual private servers?

This largely depends on the type of website or web service an organization is running. The current state of Windows virtual private servers is very resource dependent. This means that the Windows Server environment requires a great deal of system memory to operate. In most server or hosting environments, this also translates to increased costs. Keep in mind that whenever you need more allotted memory on a virtual private server, your hosting costs will go up significantly. This is true whether you're running a Windows or Linux virtual private server.