Virtual Private Computing

In today's business world, flexibility and adaptability are essential to success. Procuring and maintaining both hardware and software can weigh down your business and make it hard to scale either up or down to meet your needs. Making your infrastructure virtual allows you to harness the power of the cloud and puts high-end powerful computing power at your finger tips for a fraction of the traditional cost. Because of the large resources that exist in the cloud, you have the ability to dictate the storage, speed, bandwidth, and even operating system that you want. Because all resources are virtual, you have the ability to change that configuration as your business needs change. Regardless of the size or requirements of your operation, the power, speed, and resources of a large enterprise operation can be yours.

As your business grows, investing in virtual computing is a great risk management strategy. Because you can scale resources instantly, you can grow your computing power completely on demand - paying for resources exactly when you need them and eliminating the risk in guessing what resources you might need in the future. Because virtual private computing allows you to scale down as well as up, you can increase your computing abilities worry-free, knowing that you can easily scale back should your business needs ease up. You no longer need to worry about investing in assets that could potentially sit around underutilized or completely unused. You can also rest assured that a random hardware failure or unplanned power glitch won't bring down your operations. Since your platform isn't restricted to a specific or pre-defined set of machinery, the redundant nature of cloud computing means that you no longer need to worry about unintentional data loss due to hardware breakdown, nor you do need to invest in expensive backup systems to support your infrastructure. Security also need not be a concern. While your data and computing platforms may not physically reside in your building, you can rest assured that your data is highly secure. With virtual private hosting, despite the fact that you are sharing physical resources with other virtual platforms, the nature of the virtual system gives you complete isolation of your data in the cloud. The virtual system truly does act as your own private network.

How is virtual private hosting better than using virtual machines?

With virtual machines, you are still responsible for purchasing and maintaining the hardware on which with virtual machine runs. You also must maintain the virtual machine software. With virtual private hosting, the cloud contains the hardware allowing you to scale rapidly to meet your immediate demands. There is no hardware to buy or service. While virtual machines can allow you to host multiple environments on one physical machine, the physical machine is still a single point of failure. Because of the redundant nature of virtual private hosting, the single point of failure is eliminated ensuring that you are essentially always up.

How do I know my data is secure?

Unlike with a dedicated physical server, the data on a virtual private server is isolated on its own file system. Whereas a security breach on a physical server can compromise any data on that server because of a common file system, your data on a virtual private server is compartmentalized to only your system, keeping you much more secure. While you may share the same physical resources with others, the virtual environment is engineered to isolate your platforms from other virtual systems sharing that hardware, ensuring the safety of your systems.