Private Server Hosting

Private server hosting is preferred by many business owners to protect proprietary information and to prevent interruptions from businesses sharing resources. Private server hosting is selected, most commonly, by larger and established enterprises and ecommerce companies. eCommerce companies must ensure websites are operational 100 percent of the time to avoid losing revenue.

Anytime a company's website is down, this gives visitors a chance to migrate to a competitor and check out the competition. If customers like what is presented on competitors' websites, they are more likely to choose those products because the products are accessible immediately. Private server hosting is more secure, efficient and will guarantee a company's website is up 99.9 percent to 100 percent of the time.

What is private server hosting?

Private server hosting provides a reserved amount of CPU and RAM resources for each customer it serves. Internet hosting services refers to a virtual machine. These systems can be re-configured immediately to meet customers' specific needs. The private server hosting model allows businesses to make efficient use of computer resources.

Virtual private server hosting is often preferred over on-site private server hosting. The reason companies prefer virtual private server hosting is because it is web-based, and it is accessible from any location. Redundancy is also why virtualization is preferred. Companies can use virtual private server hosting for disaster recovery solutions.

What are the benefits of private server hosting?

Dedicated Hosting. VPS does not compete with other companies for resources. Companies are more protected when resources are dedicated rather than shared. A spike in traffic will not degrade the performance of a company's website or database access with VPS hosting.

Handles Spikes in Traffic. Private server hosting is recommended for businesses which are growing exponentially or experiencing seasonal heavy website traffic. Private server hosting applications are also recommended for operating complex applications.

Flexible. As the website and traffic grows, private server hosting plans can address spikes in traffic. Private server hosting is easily scalable. Additional server resources can be added in seconds if needed. Flexibility is required to keep companies from losing business to competitors because of bandwidth issues.

Reduce Costs. Companies only pay for the server space needed rather than buying equipment to plan for unexpected spikes in traffic. This concept is more efficient and allows companies to save money. This helps companies save money on resources not being used.

No Overage Fees. Bandwidth is unlimited with most private server hosting plans. Disk capacity is also unlimited. Some plans do provide a pre-set amount of bandwidth and disk capacity for a lower cost. This helps business owners manage their bills and avoid unexpected charges. Private server hosting is helpful to control and manage expenses.

Companies Maintain Control. Companies using private server hosting maintain control over resources, websites, databases and data control. Business owners and authorized employees have the ability to reboot remotely from a customized web panel. Customized code can even be written to control a private server with virtualization. APIs may be utilized to help companies maintain control as if the server were hosted on-site.

User-Friendly. Many private server hosting providers have user-friendly interfaces. Graphical user interfaces may use graphs to inform business owners or IT professionals of the memory allocation and loading information. IT professionals can also install applications quickly with private server interfaces. Most web-based applications are simple and easy to use.

Reliable. Many private server hosting companies provide reliability indicative of a large enterprise with prices fit for small and medium businesses. With 100 percent uptime guarantee policy and around-the-clock support, business owners do not have to worry about losing customers due to an unreliable network. This is a relief for many business owners struggling to remain competitive.