Server Backups

DotBlock now offers added security with our fast, affordable server backup utility powered by R1Soft. This unique software leverages block level backup technology to reduce backup windows from hours to minutes. This capability ensures unique disk blocks are stored only one time in backup storage, even across thousands of recovery points, allowing users to keep recovery points longer and save space over existing full or incremental backups. Users can backup data as frequently as every 15 minutes with minimal impact to production systems.

Scalable VPS Hosting
  • High Performance Backups
  • Quicker Restoration of Large File Systems
  • Innovative Web Interface
  • Data Retention Policy
  • Multi-Point Replication
  • Portable Storage Backups
  • Point in Time Snapshots
  • Powerful File Excludes
  • Disk Safe Encryption
  • Industrial Strength Storage
  • Virtual Server (VM) Support
  • Recovery Point Archiving

Pricing Structure

  • 100GB storage (for 1 block to 4 block)$10/mo
  • 140GB storage (for 4 blocks to 6 blocks)$15/mo
  • 180GB storage (for 6 blocks to 8 blocks)$20/mo
  • 220GB storage (for 8 blocks to 10 blocks)$25/mo
  • 260GB storage (for 10 blocks to 12 blocks)$30/mo
  • 300GB storage (for 12 blocks to 14 blocks)$35/mo
  • 340GB storage (for 14 blocks to 16 blocks)$40/mo
  • 380GB storage (for 16 blocks to 18 blocks)$45/mo
  • 420GB storage (for 18 blocks to 20 blocks)$50/mo
  • 460GB storage (for 20 blocks to 22 blocks)$55/mo
  • 500GB storage (for 22 blocks to 24 blocks)$60/mo
  • 540GB storage (for 24 blocks to 26 blocks)$65/mo
  • 580GB storage (for 26 blocks to 28 blocks)$70/mo
  • 620GB storage (for 28 blocks to 30 blocks)$75/mo

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