Server Hosting Linux

There are quite a few different options available for someone searching for the best web hosting. There are a seemingly endless variety of different server choices out there. That's why it is important to really examine what the best choices are. It's true that there are different strengths and weaknesses for any platform. However, for most people the easy choice is going to come down to a server hosting Linux distributions.

For those unfamiliar with the operating system, Linux is the evolution of the initial UNIX based technologies. These were the original powerhouses behind the internet before the Web really took off. The biggest advantage that Linux was able to bring to the table came in the form of developers. While UNIX had a lot of talented minds behind it, Linux was unique for opening the full codebase to anyone who wished to enhance it. This meant that any missing feature would be added, and any bug would be quickly fixed. Eventually tens of thousands of the most brilliant minds out there would add their talents to the always growing pool of Linux developers. This has made Linux the single most expansive and powerful operating system out there for serving up web content. The servers which host it have the benefit of being able to leverage all this power to those who choose to make use of it.

What are the benefits of a server hosting Linux?

While there are quite a few advantages to a Linux server, one of the biggest comes down to how much it can be tailored to meet one's individual needs. Linux has been enhanced for a wide range of different devices, from cellphones to video players. The end effect of all this work is that it can meet almost any need one has of it. If one is very interested in video streaming, for example, the server can be specially tweaked to better serve that end. Or, if one really needs extra power for the processing of an individual thread, it's easy to make that specific program a priority.

Why should I use a server hosting Linux?

There are advantages for both people experienced with server technologies, and those just starting out with them. For a beginner, Linux servers are ideal for their powerful security model. Unlike many other operating systems, Linux was designed from the ground up to be totally secure. This means that malicious software won't be able to infect it very easily. A Linux server comes more heavily secured by default than most operating systems which have multiple anti-virus programs running on them. For people already used to server technologies, there are additional features which make Linux the best choice. One of the biggest is the fact that so many other advanced technologies are built on it. If one wants to expand their server into new directions, Linux is the way to go. Due to the open source nature of the operating system, most web developers write their most innovative technologies on top of it.