Linux Hosting Plans

Linux hosting plans are in abundance on the Internet. The plans are affordable, secure and recommended for small startups. The same level of support, bandwidth, security and storage is offered with Linux hosting plans as with Windows-based applications. In some instances, the level of security and flexibility is better than Windows-based hosting plans. Startup companies should try Linux hosting plans to increase visibility on the Internet.

Linux hosting plans are known for affordability. Basic plans may include a limited and restricted use of resources such as website disk space, bandwidth, domains, email accounts, FTP logins and site builder pages. Unlimited plans will cost consumers more than basic plans. Unlimited plans may include unlimited website disk space, bandwidth, domains, subdomains, email accounts and site builder pages. Companies with limited budgets can now start businesses cheaper than ever before with Linux hosting plans. This is a relief to many business owners.

What tools and services can I expect to receive with linux hosting plans?

The tools vary from one hosting plan provider to the next. In general, business owners can expect some of the following tools and services to be included with monthly fee:

Complimentary Website Creation Tools. Many Linux hosting plans come equipped with a free site creator. This saves business owners money. They can design professional-looking websites without paying exorbitant designer fees. The websites can be customized to meet the users' specific needs. Business owners get exactly what they need to help their customers.

Twenty-four Hour Customer Service. Most Linux hosting plans will provide 24 hour support to its clients. Customers can call at any time to get help from technical support. When business owners are not required to hire a full-time staff member to conduct business, it saves business owners money.

For a low monthly fee, technical support is on-call 24 hours per day and seven days a week to troubleshoot or answer any questions. Most Linux hosting plans have multiple ways to contact them: Twitter, Skype, email ticket and a direct number.

Website Traffic Generators. Hosting a website is easy with Linux hosting plans. Once the website is hosted, traffic is required to gain visibility. Traffic generators are provided with some Linux hosting systems. This will help business owners gain the visibility they need to generate revenue and sustain a steady flow of income.

Website Statistics Tools. Website statistics tools are available to help business owners analyze website traffic and determine how to improve based upon the results. The more business owners know about website traffic and customer trends, the easier it will be for them to convert sales on their website.

Ad Credits. Many Linux hosting plans offer Ad credits through Bing and Yahoo! to help generate traffic. These credits are often awarded when customers sign up for Linux hosting plans. The amount will be determined by the hosting company, if they are provided at all.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee. Customers enjoy a 30 day free trial or money-back guarantee with many Linux hosting plan providers. This gives customers the confidence to try a hosting service without losing money.

Why should companies select linux hosting plans?

Companies should select Linux hosting plans because Linux is a proven platform with many beneficial attributes. Linux has fewer security issues than Windows-based hosting plans. Applications hosted in a Linux environment are less expensive, open-source and less likely to be hacked. Companies save money and have more security with Linux hosting plans.

Many business owners are not aware of the benefits of Linux. Windows-platforms are more popular and commonly chosen because of brand recognition. The software is often more expensive. Though some Windows-based software is open-source, not all software meets these requirements. Business owners should consider Linux-based systems for the best results.