Linux Hosting

Although many people have chosen to put their websites online using a Microsoft Windows-based hosting system because it is what they are used to, it is often just as easy to host your site on using Linux. The advantages are many. Not only is it less expensive through most providers, it is also the preferred platform for applications like Joomla that have historically had fewer problems when running on Linux. Perhaps the best advice for those considering a move to Linux hosting would be to take a look at the applications that are available with their Linux account before deciding whether or not the functionality offered is adequate for their needs. What most clients discover is that not only are there thousands of applications available, but the applications that are available are free for them to use.

Linux hosting can also be useful as a company scheme when your organization starts utilizing tablets and smartphones as devices. Many of the operating systems such as iOS and Android are Linux-based, lending themselves well to integration with a VPN or file serving component. Even if you are concentrating strictly on providing cloud-based services, you will find more open-source solutions that were written originally for Linux available. As for programming languages and scripting, Linux supports PHP, Javascript, and can support almost every type of application-level environment that is offered for Windows.

Does Linux Hosting offer any security advantages?

It can provide for a very secure hosting experience if your provider has configured your hosting environment correctly and you are following best practices when it comes to your website development model. It is more often the hosted applications such as your database that are vulnerable to outside attacks. At the application level, it is not dissimilar to the types of concerns that you would experience in a Microsoft Windows-based environment.

I am used to Windows hosting. Will I be lost when trying to use a Linux hosting environment?

Probably not. The concept of FTP and many of the file transfer operations that you normally use to interface with your website at the operating system level came are common to both Linux and Windows. On top of that, most providers provide a graphical interface that helps organize your hosting experience in a similar vein to one that you would use with Windows. In short, if you did not experience problems understanding your iPad or your Android smartphone, you will not likely experience any anxiety when using Linux hosting.