Cloud VPS

Cloud VPS is growing in popularity. Companies enjoy cloud servers because the technology is instantly scalable and affordable. Business owners can save money by only paying for the resources used. These systems are redundant and can be used in a disaster recovery solution. With most cloud VPS services, small and medium business (SMB) owners are not required to sign up for a contract, and there are no hidden fees. SMBs can simply enjoy the cost savings and the ease of use of cloud VPS.

Cloud VPS systems are not only affordable, but the systems are safe and secure. Companies can log into the web-based system from any location with a device enabled with the Internet and a web browser. This gives companies maximum flexibility when managing virtual private server systems.

Cloud server technology only requires a computer, a browser and an Internet connection to review a server's resources. For fast server deployment, business owners should select cloud server technology. Cloud server technology can be deployed in minutes. This technology is recommended for business owners starting companies under a deadline. Cloud server technology is efficient, cost-effective, easy to use and reliable.

What can I expect from a Cloud VPS system?

Linux-based cloud VPS systems are popular. Many hosting services are compatible with Linux-based operating systems such as Fedora, CentOS, CloudLinux, Debian, FreeBSD and Gentoo. Systems can be easily managed and rebooted through web-based programs. If any of the server hardware malfunctions, cloud VPS hosting services will have a backup server resume operation in seconds.

To have this level of service, many businesses will be required to have a backup server sitting idle until the inevitable happens. Even though the server will be minimally used, the server technology will age at the same rate as the primary server. This costs a significant amount of money. Most SMBs cannot handle the expense. Cloud VPS is the affordable solution.

Many companies also use cloud VPS for storage systems. All data stored in the cloud is duplicated in real time on multiple servers. This process offers maximum protection to stored data. Hosting services must be fast and possess significant bandwidth to accomplish a business's storage needs.

What should I consider when selecting a Cloud VPS hosting service?

Select a Cloud Provider with Significant Resources. The cloud VPS hosting provider should have enough resources so as to not overload servers. State-of-the-art equipment is also necessary for fast processing speeds and easily retrieval. The most reputable hosting services have secured connections and are encrypted with 256-bit or higher SSL technology.

Cloud VPS Hosting Services Should also be Managed by Experienced Staff. Monitoring of cloud VPS systems should occur 24 hours per day and seven days per week. If a security breach occurs, technology experts must be prepared to address the problem before it escalates into a full-blown issue. Companies that hire a full-time staff member to address these issues often cannot afford to keep someone on staff 24 hours per day. Cloud VPS hosting is a viable solution because business owners only pay for IT professional staff as needed.

Select a Cloud VPS Hosting Service with High Redundancy and Scalability. The best cloud VPS hosting services have redundant power sources, redundant SAN data storage systems, redundant network uplinks and redundant physical computer servers.

Select a Cloud VPS Hosting Service with 100 Percent Uptime. Select a cloud VPS hosting system with 100 percent uptime. This will ensure there is no interruption of service. Most companies at least guarantee 99.99 percent uptime. This is preferable for ecommerce companies and other companies that require cloud VPS for mission-critical applications.

Select a Service with Unmetered Bandwidth. With unmetered bandwidth, companies have no surprise bandwidth bills at the end of the month. Select a company with unlimited, unmetered bandwidth included.

Select a Service with Unlimited DNS Hosting. Companies with unlimited domains and DNS zones are most preferred.

Basic Features of a Cloud VPS Systems. A basic cloud VPS hosting service will offer: 512 MB Ram, 25 GB Raid-10 protected disk space, dedicated 3.3 GHz CPU, 600 GB premium bandwidth, unlimited domains, unlimited databases and around-the-clock customer care.