Virtualmin VPS Hosting

The DotBlock Virtualmin Stack pre-installs Virtualmin, a powerful and flexible web hosting control panel for Linux and UNIX systems based on the well-known Open Source web-based systems management GUI, Webmin. Manage your virtual domains, mailboxes, databases, applications, and the entire server, from one comprehensive and friendly interface.

Operating System:

  • Apache Web Server
  • ProFTPD FTP server
  • Bind DNS Server
  • Linux Firewall
  • POP3 and Imap Server
  • SpamAssassin Email Spam Filtering
  • ClamAV virus scanning
  • MySQL Databases
  • Virtual Host support/management
  • PostgreSQL
  • Webalizer/Awstats
  • Disk quota Support
  • Unlimited mailbox accounts
  • SSH Accounts
  • Creation of additional virtualmin users
  • LDAP Server
  • Website status monitoring