Redis VPS Hosting

Does your current SQL setup experience latency in processing time? Are you frustrated with the constraints of your RDBMS database? These issues can be solved for you with our Redis VPS Hosting plans. Redis is a key value database that uses RAM to store data for fast access. Using the NOSQL protocol, as well as memory, it can periodically write database changes to disk while maintaining everything in memory for quicker implementation. Redis also supports interfaces for various programming and scripting languages including C, PHP, Javascript, and Ruby on Rails. The flexibility and expandability of these plans are the perfect solution to your Redis VPS Hosting needs.

Why should I use Redis VPS Hosting?

Do you keep running out of memory while using your current Redis installation? With Redis VPS hosting plans from DotBlock, you can scale your VPS to fit your ever-changing demands. Since Redis stores its data in RAM, most consumers think they need to break the bank with a fully-equipped dedicated VPS. Our plans are flexible. You can always add more memory, or other features, to your VPS. Because assets are shared, you can add these at a reasonable rate. Check out our Redis VPS Hosting plans today!