cPanel VPS Hosting

The world of web hosting services can seem complicated and highly technical, especially to the uninitiated. Although at its core web hosting is simply storing a website on a server, and providing access to that website, all the technical jargon and the wide array of available hosting options can make it seem very complicated. Luckily, one does not need to hold a degree in computer science to understand the basics of web hosting and select a hosting plan that is appropriate for them. We'll start by defining a couple of important terms.

cPanel is short for control panel. As you might have guessed, the cPanel is the interface where a webmaster exercises control over their website, adding content, making changes and updates, and adding functionality. The cPanel is accessed at a special web address with a specific username and password, all of which comes along with the hosting account. VPS stands for Virtual Private Server. An entire book could be written about the intricacies of VPS systems, and indeed some have, but the basic principle is quite simple. A virtual private server is a piece of a physical web server that is sectioned off and designed to behave as a functionally independent server. There are numerous advantages to this configuration, some of which we will discuss below.

What Are the Benefits of cPanel VPS Hosting?

There are many benefits to using high quality VPS hosting, administered through a well designed control panel. First and foremost, the cPanel gives the webmaster one location at which most or all of the functions of creating and maintaining a website can be performed. Without a cPanel, webmasters would have to use complicated command line interfaces, ftp programs, and the like, all using different protocols and programs. This would make many of a webmaster's routine tasks difficult and time consuming. The cPanel aggregates all of this functionality in one location and adds a user friendly graphic interface. cPanels have evolved over the years to be intuitive and powerful, with more functionality being added all the time.

The VPS part of the hosting equation gives website creators an economical way to host their site, while retaining the independence and flexibility of a private server. Although cheaper than VPS plans, shared hosting plans (where many websites are hosted on one server that runs one operating system and one set of software) limit the webmaster to the OS and software applications the hosting company installs on their server. On the other hand, dedicated hosting (where your website gets its very own physical server dedicated to you) provides tremendous power and flexibility, but these hosting plans are very expensive. cPanel VPS hosting, then, is a happy medium. The costs associated with the physical server are split between several users, but each one can operate their virtual server as they wish without interfering with the other webmasters on that sever.

Why should I use cPanel VPS Hosting?

The answer is simple. You are looking for a way to host your website that is economical, reliable, and doesn't require an engineering degree to understand. A cPanel VPS hosting account provides the perfect balance of control, power, flexibility and price you're looking for. Some of the Internet's top websites are hosted on cPanel VPS accounts, so why not yours? Check out the available plans, you can customize the various options to find a combination of storage, speed, and price that is perfect for you.