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Linux Hosting Services

Web hosting is one of the most important pieces of the technological puzzle that is the Internet. Every single one of the over 7 billion websites is made up of information that must be hosted on a server somewhere. When the Internet was new, way back in the early nineties, commercial web hosting was a completely novel concept. Hosting services were complex and expensive, and as such they were used only by the big corporate customers who could afford them. In those days, small do it yourself webmasters looking for a hosting solution usually just reconfigured their home PCs to act as simple web servers. This allowed them to host their own websites, but it took a fairly high degree of technological know how to make it happen.

Nowadays almost no one hosts their own website. Not that the DIY web server is obsolete, but web hosting has become so cheap and user friendly that it is simply easier and more cost effective to patronize a commercial hosting provider. The exponential growth in web hosting, in addition to lowering costs and reducing the learning curve, has also created an abundance of choices for anyone looking for a host. There are various configurations of web server hardware and software that are preferred by different webmasters for one reason or another. The majority prefer Linux hosting services, for reasons we will examine below.

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What are the benefits of Linux hosting services?

Simply put, Linux is the most stable and feature rich operating system available for web servers. There are other options of course, Windows and FreeBSD being the most common competitors, but Linux is the industry leader. More websites are hosted using Linux hosting services than any other operating system available. The same advantages that cause developers to choose Linux for everything from mobile phones to super computers make it perfectly suited for web server environments. Most of these advantages, as we will see, stem from the open source nature of Linux development.

The original Linux operating system was created by software engineer Linus Torvalds. It was an offshoot of the UNIX framework, which was created by AT&T engineers in the late sixties. At the time Torvalds created Linux, the modus operandi of any software company was to develop the source code for the software, encrypt or obfuscate it, and release it to the public who could pay for a license to use it. Torvalds decided to buck this trend by making Linux the first open source operating system in history. This meant that no effort was made to hide the source code; instead it was available without cost to anyone who wanted it. This allowed any software developer to download the source code, make any modifications or improvements he saw fit, and release a new version of Linux. The net result of this model of software development is that thousands of developers work nonstop to improve the software. It is precisely this fact that makes modern versions of Linux so stable and flexible, and precisely those qualities that make it so perfectly suited to web hosting.

Why should I use Linux hosting services?

You're planning on building a website and you know that website must be hosted somewhere. Chances are you're looking for a hosting solution that is easy to use, reliable, has all the features you need, will adapt well to future changes, and is easy on the wallet. Linux hosting services deliver all this and more. Linux based web servers are loaded with a stack of software that will allow you to do just about anything you can imagine doing with a website. And with a VPS hosting plan, the monthly cost is probably less than you spend on coffee. So check out our Linux hosting services, and get started on your website today!