Gentoo VPS Hosting

Gentoo VPS Hosting

Gentoo (based on either Linux of FreeBSD) is a highly customizable linux operating system. Gentoo VPS Hosting can be as minimal or inclusive as you see fit, and takes advantage of the large Gentoo user and development community.

Gentoo VPS Hosting allows users to access 'Portage', the OS's package building and installation system, currently comprised of more than 10,000 packages.

Gentoo VPS Hosting is currently available in both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Gentoo 10.1.

64bit versions: (available upon request)

  • Gentoo 2013-01
  • Gentoo 2013-06
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  • Processor 2-Core

  • RAM 4 GB

  • SSD Storage 50 GB

  • Bandwidth UNMETERED

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